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In a digital world with so many websites, apps and spaces to engage with, there is always one common denominator. Our email address is the digital passport that underpins them all. It’s that unique key connecting us to the many personal profiles we’ve made across the web.

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Reaching out

As more of their world revolves around your customer’s inbox, the ability for marketers to reach out is a powerful privilege that continues to grow in significance. More than ever, a customer who gives your company permission to contact them so directly reveals a trust that marketers should nurture and reciprocate.

Positive connections

While traditionally email marketing has had the highest return on investment of all marketing channels, today it has evolved into the definitive means of building lasting, profitable and positive connection with your customers.

Advances in personalised messaging and behavioural targeting make email an increasingly personal tool; whether it’s a promotion pushing your customer’s favourite products, a regular newsletter or crafty survey to better understand your subscribers, Social Media Marketing UAE can help you every step of the way.

Ultimately you’ll identify your most engaged customers, target and reward them appropriately, and make your communication with them a truly positive reflection of your brand and business.

Right tools for the job

We understand you’ll build a personal relationship with your customers and that’s why it’s important we give you and your team the toolkit to manage your own email marketing. With Social Media Marketing UAE’s specialist support you’ll receive:

– Dynamic, responsive template design
– Our dedicated email marketing platform
– Advanced reporting suite with engagement break down
Google Analytics integration for full accountability and conversion tracking
– Personalisation and dynamic content
– A/B and multivariate testing
– Tools and tactics to grow your subscriber list
Social media integration and news feed targeting
– Deliverability tips and best practice recommendation
– Automatic responders and welcome campaigns

And of course, our expert team can manage your email programmes on your behalf and support you from establishing your first contact list to sending your first behaviourally triggered campaign.

By working closely together we can help you redefine the way your customers interact with and buy from your business. So contact us today and talk to one of our digital marketing consultants about how we can transform your inbox marketing.

#Email Marketing Dubai, #Email Marketing UAE, #Email Campaign

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